Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you have various questions before or after hiring a moving company, don't delay to find out; you will get the solution if you ask directly.

Q. Will Happy Home Relocation Services Company provide bike shifting to my desired location on time and at a competitive price?

This company provides bike shifting service to customers at competitive prices, but sometimes there are some extra costs which have to be paid to the customers if there is any problem, and every part of the bike is taken care of within the given time, so the bike is delivered without any damage.

Q. What packing material will Happy Home Relocation Services Company use to provide quality service to customers?

The staff and experts of our company are very skilled. They use the correct methods with the right materials. You don't have to worry about packing anything. You hire our company to provide you with packing solutions and quality services.

Q. What benefits will I get from Happy Home Relocation Services Company for house relocation from Gujarat?

When you need to move your household goods from Gujarat, the first thing you need to do is to discuss how to pack your belongings. Then your goods will be loaded and unloaded; you can give your opinion, and if you consult our experts, we will choose the container or other goods for you. You will get the benefit of insurance services that depend on you. And we will inform the delivery time soon.

Q. Happy Home Relocation Services guarantee that I will get 24-hour support?

There is no need to worry about this matter; Happy Home Relocation Services company provides 24-hour support every day of the week; you will know it well if you come with a recommendation from someone you know. Moreover, the matter is also mentioned on our website.

Q. Do I have to disassemble the items before packing them, or can the staff do it?

If you give details of what to pack as well as suggest the disassembly of any item, then our staff will do it, and you will not be disturbed.

Q. I want to shift my office to Surat; how will the employees of this company help?

The staff of this company will help you with all your office moving needs like packing, assembling, disassembling, loading or unloading and insurance services and delivery to the right place.

Q. How much money do I have to spend on commercial storage?

You will be asked how many commercial items you will store and how much storage space, and for how long they will be stored and will be charged accordingly.

Q. If I take the services of this company to move my belongings, what extra services will they provide apart from safe and timely delivery?

Extra services will be provided with your consent, such as pre-move survey if you wish, insurance coverage and others.
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